Prohibit hush money for departing state employees – Journal Inquirer

02/07/18 – By Chris Powell According to Connecticut’s state auditors, state agencies have been paying departing employees hundreds of thousands of dollars in what is essentially hush money, compensating them lavishly for leaving in exchange for their promise that they won’t say anything bad about their former employer. [Read More]

Right to know isn’t costly but censorship review is – Journal Inquirer

02/05/18 – By Chris Powell With financial reimbursements from state government, Connecticut law encourages municipal police departments to equip their cruisers and officers with video cameras so encounters with the public can be evaluated reliably. The policy of recording such encounters has been adopted in response to complaints of police misconduct, though video of their […]

Councilors cleared of FOI complaint – The Southington Observer

02/01/18 – By Sheridan Cyr The Connecticut Freedom of Information (FOI) Commission dismissed the court case filed on Aug. 7, 2017, by former Board of Finance member John Moise (D), against the Town Council of the Town of Southington. [Read More]

Protecting the First Amendment While Fostering Civility on Campus –

02/01/18 – By Andrew Hibel Colleges and universities are facing competing pressures from those who demand unadulterated free speech on campus and those who believe speech must be limited to foster an inclusive campus culture. In the face of this pressure, many college administrators have struggled to find a balance between free speech and civility. […]

FOI complaint filed against Board of Ed – Stratford Star

01/30/18 – By Melvin Mason A resident who says the Board of Education should have made more room for people seeking to attend the Jan. 22 Board of Education meeting has filed a complaint with the state Freedom of Information Commission. [Read More]