About the Connecticut Foundation For Open Government

Our Mission

The Connecticut Foundation for Open Government is dedicated to promoting the open and accountable government essential in a democratic society. It seeks to achieve this by educating policymakers and citizens in general on the need for a free flow of information on all public policy matters.


The Connecticut Foundation for Open Government (CFOG) is a tax-exempted, not-for-profit corporation founded in 1991 by citizens of Connecticut interested in promoting open government and the public’s right-to-know. Its programs are carried out by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from the media, academe, the law, business and government.

What We Do

 * Sponsor an annual conference for Connecticut’s state and municipal officials on freedom of information issues.

 * Underwrite costs of surveys of government agencies designed to measure compliance with Connecticut’s Freedom of Information laws.

 * Sponsor an essay contest for high school students on Right to Know and First Amendment issues.

 * Honor periodically with the Walter Cronkite Award a national figure who embodies Open Government principles. Recipients have included Mr. Cronkite, Louis Boccardi, president of the Associated Press, Jim Lehrer, executive editor and anchor of the NewsHour on Public Television and Seymour Hersh, noted journalist and author.

 * Hold public policy symposia, such as the first ever National Privacy and Public Policy symposium, “Striking the Balance: Open Government In the Age of Terrorism and the need for Connecticut to enact a Shield Law.