Region Could Lead the Way to Improve Lawmaking – The Day, New London

01/26/2020 – Editorial Board Southeastern Connecticut is fortunate to be represented in the state legislature by a politically diverse set of lawmakers, almost evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. They Read More …

Jeffrey Kurz: Open government is a good show – Meriden Record-Journal

11/30/18 – By Jeffrey Kurz There are some phrases that, like poetry, can plant themselves memorably in the mind. Here are two of them: (Read More)

State’s public affairs network back on track for new session – Hartford Courant

11/25/18 – By Susan Haigh, The Associated Press Connecticut’s TV and online public affairs network is back on track, just in time to cover a new General Assembly and a new governor. Read More …

State Renegotiates Television Network Contract –

10/29/18 – By Christine Stuart HARTFORD, CT — A state contract to provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of Connecticut government that ended last fall will be renewed on Nov. 1. (Read More)